The user_login call is the first call to be made in order to retrieve the user's main data and the list of databases he can access. Within this list there will be both the databases of which he is an administrator. Both those where the user has been invited.



User email used to create the D-One account


The password of the D-One account


The access token. Optional to be used instead of credentials.




"error": false, Error indicator

"user": {

"id": "1", Global user id

"email": "", User Email

"token": "00000000" User Token


"db": [


"name": "crm", Unique name of the database

"label": "My Crm", Database label

"seed": "CRM-ES" Database Seed




The global user ID is the unique number that identifies it within the D-One servers.

The db key contains all his databases and those where he is a guest. The name automatically assigned by the server, the label and the type of seed that identifies its type are shown.