The object allows the creation and management of an XML file.


Adds a node to the XML document.


Adds a new node to the XML document.

*xmlelement* = *xmldocument*.createelement(*elementname*)

Creates an XML element.

*xmlelement* = *xmldocument*.createelement(*prefix*,*elementname*,*url*)

Creates an XML element.

*xmlelement* = *xmldocument*.getelementbyname(*elementname*)

Returns the first XML element by name.

*xmlelement* = *xmldocument*.getelementsbyname(*elementname*)

Returns a list of XML elements by name.

*xmlattribute* = *xmldocument*.createattribute(*attributename*)

Creates an XML attribute.

*xmlattribute* = *xmldocument*.createattribute(*prefix*,*attributename*,*url*)

Creates an XML attribute.


Saves the XML document.