Manage Data in the  Account

You have a dedicated Web Portal to manage all your Cloud Databases of your Account on   :

- Orders Recap
- Complete View of all Databases created
- Activation / Renew
- Database Export
- Database Elimination
- Account Elimination
- Modifying Personal Data Account and Invoicing
- Modifying Privacy Policy

Login to your Account by tapping on the link below: 

Tap on the right on LOGIN and enter your email of registration and your Password. Once you have login tap above on the  right on " Nios4 Account "

Tap on the voice " my Cloud database " and find listed all Database created, with detail of Type and EXPIRANCY.

The RENEW button makes it possible for you to renew the selected Cloud. Here an example:

By tapping on the grey arrow icon, beside the Renew button, you can directly access to several functions available such as: Export in Excel a backup of all Databases, Eliminate the databse. Here how it looks:

Recuperate Password

You can recuperate the forgot Password directly from the APP, tap on the login button and then on forgotten Password.

You can also log to the Web version on any browser, simply by clycking on this link: 

Register New Account in App

After creating the new Cloud Users, they have to access for the first time, to do this they can register for the first time straight in the App. Use the email address from which they received the invitation to the Database. After downloading the App in the User Device simply clic to Register and insert the email and password. Then select the Cloud Database and you are operational.

You can also Register a New Account on any Web browser : 

Whether you want to register new Users on the Web, click on the below link and do the same procedure.

Delete Nios4 Account