The Tree field allows to choose a structured value based on a father-child hierarchy.

Once the list is open, you can select one of the tree items to save it in the field.

Normally this field is used with an Anagraphic section type to quickly filter the data. Depending on the category it belongs to, by pressing on one of the items, the program will display only the data that correspond to that category.

The Tree field creates an additional field within the database to be able to save the GGUID reference of the selected node. So, for example, by creating the Category field the program will automatically create the field dat _category. This field is visible only if the database is opened with other programs.

Currently this type of field can only be used for Windows devices. Creation and modification of the trees is found on the specific page in the Options section.

Field parameters

Selecting a tree

Allows you to select the tree to associate with the field.