Nios4 provides several ways to back up your Data. Both for local and cloud databases.

Manual backups
It is possible through the database export function, present in the help menu, to create a data package containing the exact copy of the database. This package can be used within all devices to recreate a local copy of the latter.

Select the install package feature within the help menu and load the previously created file. The program will ask for the name of the new database and proceed to recreate it. The copy will be completely disconnected from its original and therefore will not overwrite in any case the starting database.

This system is also used when you need to migrate the database from one mobile device to another without going through the cloud.

Automatic local database backups for Windows
The Windows version allows you to create a copy of the database automatically when you close the program. This copy is rewritten all the time and can only be used if the database is in MS Access format. You can set the parameters of the copy from general settings within the options.

Automatic cloud database backup
The databases are located on Amazon (AWS) servers located in Ireland. Every day they run automatically from our data center. These backups are not directly accessible to users. And then to restore a previous copy, write to indicating the account, the database number and the date. This date cannot be earlier than 1 week and will have a cost.

Cloud database export from server
Under the GDPR, users can download their data at any time to import it into other systems. This copy of the data is possible through the control panel of its databases, reachable from This export will contain all the tables that make up the database in Excel or CSV format.