Additional tables

Additional tables are tables that are inserted as supplementary pages within the data sheet of the table.

Within each page there is a grid where you can insert more rows of data.

Thanks to this it is possible to create a parent-child type association between multiple tables. When the data sheet is saved, all data containing additional tables will be saved in order to be linked to the parent record.

In order to associate an additional table, click on Set and select which table is to be linked.

If the table is of the Document type, the table "tablename_rows" will be automatically connected as an additional table.

Extracting additional tables

This automation allows, during the saving phase, the extrapolation of information from one of the additional tables and to write them across to another destination table. It is useful, for example, to extract amounts or groupings of data that can be used within other contexts.

To add an extraction, click on Set and the management window will open. In the upper part are the buttons for adding and removing the extractions. The arrows are used to set the sort order. During saving, the program will execute the extractions in the order established by the user.

To add a new extraction, press the Add button.

In the first column indicate the additional table from where the data will be taken and in the second column the table where it is to be written to. Activating the Reset flag informs the program that before performing the extraction, it will have to eliminate any data present in the destination table.

Clicking on Linking will show the screen to decide which fields will be used for reading and which for writing in the destination table.

Based on the formula set, the extraction will group the data according to the value contained in the field with the formula GRUP or add the values with the formula SUM.