Lua Examples

The following are examples of scripts applicable to the program in order to better understand the various functions.

These models have been designed to meet the most varied needs, to be tested and modified within your databases.

In case you need help or a script that you can't find, write to us as to this link.

To see how to create a new script consult the guide to this page.

To use the scripts, copy the lines in the boxes inside the editor LUA.

The boxes follow the order that you must also respect in order to try them.

Let's create a table to save the history of all the cost changes that our articles have had.

Let's intercept the reading of a barcode to automatically insert our articles into a document.

Let's automatically update the customer's name in all the documents where it is called.

Let's create an invoice by grouping all the business appointments made with a customer.

Let's see how to read our GPS position from the phone to check the data entered by our operators.

Let's create a document directly within the database that contains the hours worked by our workers for each month.

Let's import an xml file to load data into our database.

Let's export an invoice within an xml file.

By handling errors we do not allow saving an order if the customer is insolvent.

Let's see how to update the prices of the items starting from the bill of materials.

Starting from a payment deadline, we modify the support account and update the associated invoice.

Let's recover orders placed for a customer and create a single invoice.

Let's use this script to directly edit all currency fields by changing the currency symbol.

Let's create a script type report to see how to manage the main stages of creation (only for Windows).

Let's use a script to create a single print consisting of multiple order prints.

In this example we will create the customer data form referred to in technical intervention reports. The procedure is very convenient when we have to load the reports through an excel file.