The section displays the location of the data based on GPS values on a geographical map. If a row of data does not have a valid GPS point, it will still be displayed within the grid, but not on the map.

Section Parameters

Date Field

It is used to execute the first sum of the values of a field.

Total Field

The field to be sum.

Total Field Title

The label to be displayed above the sum box.

SQL filter

Any SQL string to further filter the sum of the values.

Except for the first box, the remaining three boxes vary based on the filter of values on the grid. All boxes need the field to be added, the title and any SQL string.

Tree choice

If the table has a tree field, you can indicate it. The program will display it in the right part of the grid to allow you to filter the data based on the selected node.


Identifies the field that will be used as the value to be displayed on the map placeholder.

GPS Field

The field from where the program will read the GPS location.

Labels field

It is the list type field that is used to mark the state and color of the placeholder.

All map definition fields are required, while the others are optional. By not setting one of the required fields it will be impossible to save the section.