Global counter

The global counter compiles the value of the field automatically increasing it.

The counters that belong to a cloud database are managed directly by the servers. This is due to the fact that unconnected multiple devices must access the same counter without duplicating the value.

The counter field, when left empty on a new data form, is automatically filled in during the saving phase. If another record with the same number already exists, the program will block the procedure. If a date field is associated with the counter during the check with the server, the date to be applied to the latter will also be received to avoid creating documents with dates prior to the numbers received.

For local databases, however, the program will increase the value by one unit and update the counter status.

The management of the counters is found in the relevant page in the Options section.

Field parameters

Choice of counter

Allows you to choose the counter to associate with the field. The counter must first be created from the relevant section within the Options.

Manual edit

If enabled, it allows the user to modify the field.

Year comparison field

If a date type field is set, the program will check that there is no other record with the same number and the same year.

Date field for Sync

Checks the numbering by year by the management server.