All calls to Nios4 web services must start from this link.

Access is allowed only through a valid D-One account and an active cloud database. The cloud database can be of any type, including the test database.

After the word action, enter the desired command, the access parameters and any other parameters specific to the command requested.



User token to authenticate the request by ignoring the web session. It is mandatory if you need to use the services as a stateless API.


Name of the database on which to operate. As for the token, it is optional only if you act through a web session and not with direct service.


The server will always respond by including the error key inside the json. If the key is negative, the rest of the file will contain the data or confirmations required by the command inserted in action.

If the server returns an error, the response will be characterized with a file having this form

Error response


"error": true,

"error_code": "invalid_request",

"error_message": "Request XXXX not expected"


Possible errors


Unexpected request.


Input error.


User login required.


Error from synchronizer. X is the number of the error returned.


Unexpected error.