Value allocators

The allocators allow you to create rules for dividing the numerical values present in the tables on a temporal basis.

For example it is possible to create a payment with a maturity of 30 and 60 days: the allocator will inform the program that the total value must be divided into two. The first part will have a date greater than 30 days, while the second value 60 days compared to the reference date of the record.

In the left column you can view all the allocators.

Here you can add a new list or delete an existing one if it is not associated with any field.

Once the desired allocator has been selected, the data stored inside it will be displayed.

The Get to the end of the month flag is used to automatically translate the date to the end of the calculated month.

You can enter, delete and change the order of the data through the appropriate buttons.

Remember to save in order to confirm the changes made.

Value allocators must have a allocator field within the table in order to be used.