User Licenses

All versions of Nios4 can be tried for free.

The free local databases have a limit on the amount of data that can be inserted. The cloud databases, whilst always free, in addition to having a data limit also have an expiration date of thirty days from creation.

You can purchase a license for unrestricted local use or a subscription plan for a cloud database. License purchase method and installation vary depending on the type of device. Remember that the local license removes limits for all local databases. For cloud databases on the other hand, it is necessary to purchase a subscription for each one.

For iOS, OSX and Android versions, the license can be purchased directly from the relevant stores. This license will remove advertising from the screens and remove the data entry limit.

The web version necessarily requires a cloud license, free or paying. Once the subscription expires, you will no longer be able to access the database. However, if the database has been synchronized on other devices, it will be possible to use it even if synchronization is disabled.

The Windows system has two types of licenses: the Standard version and the Professional version. The specific functions corresponding to each version will be available depending on the type purchased. To find out about their characteristics, refer to the website

To purchase a license for a Windows PC first go to the Help menu and then select request upgrade. The program will display the screen to select the type of license to be purchased. Once the desired license has been selected, you will be taken to the website to complete the purchase. Then you can go back to the program and open the My D-One section by clicking on the icon of the rocket on the bottom left. The purchased license should appear inside the grid. If it is not present, press the Update button.

Select install from the Actions button and follow the guided procedure.