The tables have different parameters so as to be able to customize various aspects and automate different processes.

In order to modify them, select the table concerned and press the Parameters button or double click with the mouse on the row.

Inform the program of the data category that the table will manage

Additional tables are tables that are inserted as supplementary pages within the data sheet of the table.

Calculation expressions tell the program which calculations are to be performed on the table.

They are automatisms that are activated when one or more specific fields are modified.

They make changes to the database data while the form is being saved.

They are used to create the description of the form when it is saved.

It identifies that the table should be viewed within the table editor in Options.

The parameter defines the height of the row in pixels that will be used within the data grids.

Change the appearance of the grid cells based on conditions (Windows only).

It serves as a secondary description line within the cells for mobile devices.

Defines which numeric field will be displayed inside the cells for mobile devices

Defines which fields the mobile version will use to sort lists and perform searches.

Field Image

It allows you to select an image field that will be displayed within cells for mobile devices

Style in additional table

It allows you to set the display style as grid or cell inside as the table is displayed as additional

This parameter allows you to define in which tables the data sheet can be duplicated.

Set the rules for merging multiple documents into one.

Set numeric modifiers to apply to numeric fields.

Set which tables you can retrieve comments from

They allow you to automatically fill in an additional table by retrieving values from the data sheet and dividing them according to a time and percentage criterion.

By inserting the flag, we inform the program to enable reminders for this table.

They are templates ready to be used during the creation of the memo.

Derivative records

Set the table so that, if properly filled, the data of another table is opened.