Web services allow Nios4 to interact with other applications. Regardless of the operating system they run on and the programming language used.

The application that wants to read and write data directly within Nios4 will have to use internet calls through the https protocol following the formatting rules.

Please remember that for correct operation it will be necessary to have valid credentials of a D-One account and an active cloud database.

Operation scheme

The user, starting from his management software or application through the web api, communicates directly with the cloud database.

The cloud database is connected to the server which manages the synchronization of information between the various clients. This allows to send only the data actually modified from time to time.

For this reason, after changing the data in the cloud database, it is also important to send the synchronization command (sync) in order to distribute it on all connected devices.

Here are the main calls you can use.

The definition of the main call.

Logs in recovering user data.

Logs out the user.

Retrieve the list of databases the user has access to

Retrieve the list of tables belonging to a specific database

Retrieve all the properties and characteristics of a specific table.

It allows to recover all the records contained within a specific table.

The command is used to add, edit or delete records from a specific table.

The command forces synchronization of the cloud database with the synchronization server.

The request allows to recover users connected to the requested database.