Value allocators

The value allocators allow you to automatically fill in an additional table by retrieving values from the data form and dividing them according to a time and percentage criterion.

The allocators are selected from a special field which must be created within the table. This allows you to choose which distributor to use for the calculations.

Multiple value allocators can be created within the management window. Each allocator will add its own page to the data form.

Clicking on Set will open the distributor configuration window.


If checked, activates the distributor.

Divider field

The field that determines the value distributor set.

Date field

The data field of the document.

Value field

This is the field of the value to be subdivided according to the distributor selected.

Confirmation field

The field to be used to confirm.


The distributor summary table where the values will be saved.

Date field

The data field on the summary table.

Value field

The value field in the summary table.

Flip value

If checked, flips the value negatively or positively.

Confirmation field

The field for confirmation on the table that will contain the calculated distributors.


The links that will be performed automatically.

Link values

The numeric fields that will be linked and subdivided according to the rules of the selected distributor.