For each table it is possible to manage one or more schemes according to type of device and user permission categories.

The scheme identifies the graphic form and arrangement of fields that will be displayed within the data form.

Each table has a basic scheme defined as "default". This will be the one used on devices that do not have one specified.

Modifying a Scheme

First select the table concerned and the Schemes button will allow you to choose the device to be modified or make changes to the default layout. From this menu it is also possible to set up a new scheme, always indicating first which device will be used.

Once the screen is open, the desired changes will be made through the Actions menu and the field menu, which can be opened via the pencil icon located on each of them.

Moving a field

The fields can be moved within the same page.

To change pages, use the designated functions.

Position the cursor on the desired field and, keeping the button pressed, drag towards the field box that is to be placed before or after the move.

You will notice that upon approaching this box, the right or left border will be highlighted to inform the user where the field will be positioned after the move.

Actions menu

Within the Actions menu the main options for layout management are located.

You can create a new field or insert an existing one, selecting on which page it will be positioned.

All schemes always have a page called Main.

In order to insert the field in another area, select Other and type the name of the page. If the page does not exist, it will be created.

To delete a page, remove all fields from it by hiding or moving them to another area.

If you are modifying a non-default scheme, from the Actions menu you can set the name and permissions category.

Field menu

Each field has its own specific management menu. To open it, go to the desired field and click on the pencil icon.


Set the label of the field that will be displayed within the data sheet.

Mobile place holder

It is the text that describes to the user what value he/she has to enter. It will appear within the fields for mobile devices.


The width sets the size of the field: it can be the whole, half or a quarter of the data sheet.


Lists all the elements that can have a color, such as the background of the field or the color of the label.

Font Style

Used to set the style, which can be normal, bold or italic.


Used to move the field from one page to another. If the name of a panel that does not exist is entered, it will be created automatically. If, by moving the field, the current panel ends up empty, it will be removed.


Allows you to indicate the insertion of a field before or after the current one.

Create Field

Allows you to create a field before or after the current one.


The field is removed from the template.


The field parameter management screen opens.