Advanced scripting system

Due to the integration with the LUA scripting language, the D-One's management platform allow the development of powerful subprograms that can be integrated into their own management program.

The scripts are entered into the program's procedures thus increasing the control and the automatism that can be accomplished. These subprograms were studied to be operative on any client of the D-One's management program so that they can be used anywhere. The command and function sets are updated and expanded monthly so offering to our customers always new tools.

The most relevant example of what could be accomplished was for the Italian market where, from January 1, 2019, the obligation to issue invoices in electronic format it became effective. Considering that the D-One system has been developed and designed for any market, both national and international, rather than creating ad hoc version for the Italian market exclusively, it has been chosen to develop the electronic invoice as a script. All Italian databases templates can create an electronic invoice. This means that smartphones also can create an electronic invoice.

Considering that, however, the electronic invoice has a very wide range of possibilities, using the script technology, each client can have its own customized version, adapted to its requirements, filling in only the fields it needs.

Besides being a huge benefit for the client, for D-One has been a considerable time-saving. In fact, the standard electronic invoice generation script was the first created. Next, based on the clients specific requests, the interested sections were expanded without interfering someone else's work.

All the tools within a single program

All the development tools are found within Windows, Mac, and WEB clients. The database administrator can, at any time, act on each aspect of the system, can add tables and fields, can modify and add function scripts. If the database is a Cloud, all clients will automatically receive all the changes. Enter an action command or run automatic procedures before and after saving the files. Create updating price systems according to your needs. Manage the price lists and the warehouse stocks. Create your own perfect product or to resell high-quality solutions.

Scripts created on one system are immediately available on others.

Start today, helping you by the guide, the examples and developer's blog to create automatisms for you and your future clients. Becoming a partner of the D-One's management system, allows the opportunity to propose a low costs platform and unlimited possibilities.