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This type of section is the most common. Its task is to display a grid containing the data of the associated table.

At the top right are the buttons for creating a new tab and the Actions menu. This menu contains the table management commands, such as the choice of columns to be displayed and the width they will have. If the latter is set as automatic, the columns will be adapted to be all displayed within the grid. On the contrary, if the width is set as fixed, it will be necessary, if necessary, to use the scroll bars to display the columns that have come out of the grid.

Always through the Actions menu it will be possible to export the grid in different formats and print it.

In the lower part, based on the configuration, it is possible to have boxes where there is the sum of a field relating to all the rows currently displayed.

Based on the license purchased, it is possible to view the archived or trashed data. To open the archives menu, click with the mouse on the icon next to the section name on the main navigation bar.

Section Parameters

Date Field

It is used to execute the first sum of the values of a field.

Total Field

The field to be sum.

Total Field Title

The label to be displayed above the sum box.

SQL filter

Any SQL string to further filter the sum of the values.

Except for the first box, the remaining three boxes vary based on the filter of values on the grid. All boxes need the field to be added, the title and any SQL string.


Smartphone data cell

Allows you to apply a cell view style on smartphones and tables. You can apply the standard template or a style to the image. The image will be retrieved from the selected field within the table settings

Status List

Allows you to select a field type "status list" that will be used on the cells of the mobile versions Ios and Android, to display a color marker associated with the selected state

SQL filter

Allows you to filter the values displayed in the section. for example "country = 'Italy'" will show only the records that match that criterion

Tree choice

If the table has a tree field, you can indicate it. The program will display it in the right part of the grid to allow you to filter the data based on the selected node.

All these parameters are optional