The object Utility contains several functions and general utility methods.

path* = utility.savefiledialog(*title*,*filter*,*filename*)

Opens the save window allowing to go back the path of a file.

*path* = utility.openfiledialog(*title*,*filter*,*filename*)

Opens the selection window allowing to go back the path of a file.

*path* = utility.openfolderdialog()

Opens the folder selection window by restoring the selected value.

*value* = utility.tid()

Returns the current tid, i.e. the date in YYYYMMDDHHmmss format.

*value* = utility.gguid()

Returns a new gguid.

*value* = utility.getnow()

Returns the current date.

*value* = utility.formatdate(*timestamp*,*format*)

Formats the date as a string.

*value* = utility.formatnum(*number*,*numberdecimal*)

Formats a number as a string.

*value* = utility.datetostring(*timestamp*)

Converts a timestamp to a date.

*value* = utility.dateday(*timestamp*)

Extracts the day number from a timestamp.

*value* = utility.datemonth(*timestamp*)

Extracts the month number from a timestamp.

*value* = utility.dateyear(*timestamp*)

Extracts the year number from a timestamp.

*value* = utility.tidtotimestamp(*tid*)

Converts a tid to a timestamp.

*value* = utility.isnum(*value*)

Checks that the value is a number.

*value* = utility.convap(*value*)

Doubles the quotes of the string for SQL.

*value* = utility.convi(*value*)

Transforms a number into a string by replacing the commas with points to be used within an SQL string.

*value* = utility.stringwithspace(*value*,*space*)

Returns the string back by adding spaces at the bottom.

*v* = utility.stringreplace(*expression*,*find*,*rep*)

Returns a string by replacing a part of it.

*value* = utility.stringtrim(*expression*)

Returns a string by removing spaces at the beginning and end of it.