The View section allows you to view data from multiple tables at once. Tables to be linked must share a field below table that joins them. This section is currently only available in the Windows and Web versions.

The section does not need a defined table. In fact, you can create multiple views within the section from multiple tables.

Creating a view

When the section is created and selected if a view has not been set, the view automatically switches to editing. Through the plus and minus keys you can include tables. In the first selection you can choose from all available tables. Inserted the first table in the next selections it will be possible to include only the tables that have a field under the table linked to the parent table.

Select the tables you will be able in the right table to choose the columns to display and for each to be if necessary apply a condition and its value in order to filter the data. Set the view and press the Save button. Pressing the Table key will exit the editing and display the view as it was set.

Controls Actions

Inside the Actions button there will be functions to be able to rename the view, create a new one, delete it or duplicate the one currently being edited

In view mode, double-clicking on the record will be possible to edit the displayed values through a special tab that combines the values of the displayed tables. This tab cannot be linked to scripts.

The non editable values will be visualized but blocked.