Data Importer

The page allows you to import data into the database. It is possible to load data from Excel and CSV files.

Press on Open file and select the file to be imported.

After selecting the file, you will be asked on which table the import will be performed. A grid will be created showing the columns extracted from the file in order to partially preview the data. Even if the data will not all be displayed, since at some point they will be truncated, they will still be all loaded.

For each column it will be possible to select the field that will receive the values and pressing the Import button will import and create the new data.

To import the file without creating new data use the Key up function. By ticking each column concerned, before importing the data row, the program will perform a search within the table. If it finds a correspondence to the values of the columns with the Key up active, it will proceed to update the values of the row. Otherwise it will create a new row within the table.

Through the functions within the Importing Teemplate menu, it will be possible to save the field scheme in order to reuse it.

INSIGHT-> Import VAT Rate
For the import of the VAT rate value from Excel file, to import the value 22 into the ERP, inside the excel file the column format in Excel must be numeric and, NOT percentage. By importing values from excel in numeric format, you find 22 in the management. If instead you want the value expressed as 0.22, the percentage format of the column in Excel is fixed.

N.B. When importing a File with 1.000 or more Data, the program warns with a TRUNK message, meaning that you are about to import a significant amount of data. You simply proceed with the Import and you'll see all the Data contained in the File imported.