The sections

The sections are the main screens that display and organize table data. Thanks to these, you can act on your data by adding and modifying it.

The data can be displayed in different ways, such as on a agenda or as points on a map, depending on what type it is.

To move from one section to another, simply select the name on the main navigation bar.

In this chapter, we’ll create the sections to access our tables.

Enter the Options section and go to the Sections page.

Press the Add button and start filling in the data of the first line:

  1. Insert the word “Customer” inside the column Section Name

  2. Select, inside the drop-down list of the Displayable column, the admin item and click OK to close it.

  3. Select the Windows item in the Client column drop-down list and click OK to close it.

  4. In the Type column, select Registry.

  5. Select the name Customers in the Table column.

Now we have to do the same procedure for the other two sections. Then click Add twice to enter two new lines.

The values will be identical except in name. In the second line, write Items, and in the third, Orders. Do the same thing for the table you want to use. In the second line, select Items and in the third, Orders.

Click the Save button in the upper right corner.

If all data has been entered correctly, all three entries of the new sections created will appear.

To view the desired section, just click on its name.

Though in a simplified form, we have created our first management system.