All the management and configuration tools of the program are found in the Options section.

There are two levels of access to options based on the type of user and their privileges:

  • Full access to the Options allows you to make all changes to the data and structure of the database. The database administrator always has this level of access.

  • Access to data only does not allow you to change the structure of the database.

The type of Options is set on the users page. If a user does not have either type, he will not have access to the program options.

The pages of the Options are shown below, which have not already been explained in the rest of the manual.

The section contains all the basic settings of the program.

It contains the form of the special info table.

Allows you to import data.

Edits all the lists of the program.

It allows you to modify the tables set as accessory tables.

Allows you to edit the data trees.

Sets global database counters

Set the constants that can be used within the calculation expressions.

Manages the archives of the tables.

Manages the value allocators.

Allows you to create and edit email templates to be sent.

It allows you to perform direct searches within the database.

Allows you to retrieve change logs on data from the cloud.