The Sections

Sections are the main screen that group and organize the data in the tables. Thanks to the sections, the user can add and edit data. Each section has its own type of data display.

To move between the various sections just select the one concerned from the side navigation bar.

Multiple sections can be created for the same table. It will be possible, for example, to view the same data both within a registry and within a map. Of course, the table must have fields that allow the section to function properly.

For the agenda field, it will be necessary for the table to have different operating fields, such as two dates to identify the beginning and end of the appointment. A section of the map type, on the other hand, must necessarily manage a table with a field of the geographic location type.

The management of the sections is located within the dedicated page within the Options section.

Section Name

Indicates the name that will be displayed on the navigation bar.


Indicates the categories of users who can view the section.


Indicates on which devices the section will be created.


The type of section to be created.


The table from where the section will read the data (if the type provides for it).


Indicates the label to be able to group the sections under the same heading.


Indicates the icon to be displayed next to the section name.

On bar

Indicates the program to display the section icon on the lower right bar to allow you to quickly open a new data form (if the section provides for it).

Create a new section

To create a new section, press the Add button and position yourself on the new row that will be created inside the grid.

The sorting of the rows corresponds to the sorting of the items shown inside the side navigation bar, therefore, through the arrows on the button bar, you can move the sections up and down.

Giving the Save command will update the program navigation bar. If the created section does not have the parameters correctly set, the program will block the saving.

To set the parameters, double click on the row of the grid or use the command on the button bar.

The sections currently available are listed below:

The Dashboard is a section that can be composed of several information panels.

View the data of the selected table within a grid.

View data as an agenda.

The data are displayed on a geographical map through GPS coordinates.

The Table section allows you to enter and edit data directly within the grid.