The gallery section allows you to create a visual catalog. It also allows you to enable a cart management for managing B2B orders. This section is currently enabled for Android, Ios and Web versions. In the Windows and Mac OS versions the section will be displayed as a standard registry, without cart management.

If the order handler parameters are not filled then the cart function and the ability to select the quantity by pressing on the riqaudro will be disabled

visual gallery wine products

Parameters Section

Sub Totals

Field Date
It is used to perform the first sum of the values of a field.
Field Total

The field to add up.

Title Field Total

The label to display above the sum box.

SQL filter

Any SQL string to further filter the sum of values.

Except for the first box, the remaining three boxes vary based on the filter values on the grid. All the boxes need the field to sum, the title and any SQL string.


SQL filter

Allows you to filter the values displayed in the section. for example "country = 'Italy'" will show only the records that match that criterion

Status List

The field type "status list" to display a color band on the record cell.

Choosing Tree

If the table has a tree field, you can indicate it. The program will display it in the right part of the grid to allow you to filter the data based on the selected node.

Field Image

The field where the image to be displayed in the gallery will be retrieved

Main table

The document table that will be created using the section cart, such as the orders table

Additional Table

The additional table in the main table where all the selected records will be placed in the cart, such as ordini_rows


The field on the additional table where the gguid of the records in the cart will be inserted

Field Quantity

The field on the additional table where the amount of the record in the cart will be inserted

Step Quantity

The increment value on the section of the record on the gallery

Main matches/Combinations

Allows you to select the values of the fields that will be taken from the section table and written to the additional table records

Secondary table

Allows you to set a secondary selection after the primary performed on the gallery. For example the choice of size and color after the choice of the article.

Secondary conditions

The SQL condition to be able to filter the data to be displayed on the secondary selection (for example if the amount is greater than zero)

Secondary Matches/Combinations

Allows you to select the values of the fields that will be taken from the secondary table and written to the additional table records


You can create a script for managing data passed from the cart to the additional table. This way you can perform advanced operations while compiling. If there is a script, the standard cart management is automatically deactivated. The script allows you to directly access the cart using a datatable object named "carttable"