The dataview is an object that represents a data form.

newcustomer = program.newdataview("customer","")



*value* = dataview.gguid()

Returns the gguid form. The gguid is a random alphanumeric string that uniquely identifies a data record. If the string is nulla ("") means that the data form is new.

*value* = dataview.getvalue(*fieldname*)

Returns the current value of the field indentified by its name.


Sets the editing focus on a specific field.


Sets the value of a field identified by its name.

*list* = dataview.listtable()

Returns the list of additional tables.

*tableview* = dataview.getatable(*tablename*)

Returns an additional table in the form of a tableview object.

*value* =

Saves the form. The function restores a positive boolean in case of correct saving of the data form.


Shows a warning message within the dataview.


Shows a confirmation message within the dataview.


Shows an error message within the dataview.


Recalculates the form. Forces the updating of the expressions on the form.

*value* = dataview.tablename()

Returns the name of the current form table.

*value* = dataview.modatt()

Returns True if the dataview ha been modified but not yet saved.

*value* = dataview.title

Returns or sets the title of the form.

*document* = dataview.createdocument(*gguidprint*)

Create a document object from a print gguid.