Create your management program

Create your management program using the D-One's integrated tools within Windows, Mac, and Web clients without any programming knowledge. Starting from the templates provided by the system or from a completely empty database, you can build tables, fields, sections and everything that you'll need in the future.

Develop your management program to always have a tool suit to your needs.

Any detail of your management program can be modified and adapted. Besides, the D-One's development team are constantly working to increase the platform customization capabilities.

From your idea

To Windows, OSX and WEB

To Ios and Android

From insertion system to management and automatic calculations

Get the maximum from the D-One's management system. Add calculation expressions on numeric fields (including conditional formulas), set the automatic data writing and reading to manage price lists by customer or items, add stock saving and handling rules, quickly set up additional tables and sub-tables to confront the information. The D-One's platform will allow this and many more, giving you the opportunity to evolve together and let you decide how this tool can be useful in your daily activities.

Create your own network

Thanks to the D-One's platform and its Cloud technology, you can create your own network of technicians, operators and sales agents. Therefore, you give everyone the opportunity to gather, using the smartphone, all the information that you think is useful, creating yourself the necessary identification data registers. Manage appointments and deadlines for agents, when and how you want, in complete autonomy. Decide for each user what they can see and modify.