The field allows you to define a button inserted inside the board. To this button it is possible to associate different types of operation to be carried out to its pressure. As with the separator, no physical field is created in the database.

Buttons can also be created on dashboards by grouping different buttons within the same widget.

Parameters Field

Allows you to select the icon to be inserted inside the button. The icons are the same that can be associated with sections.

Displays the screen to associate the actions to be performed with the button. The button can perform multiple actions. The actions will be performed according to the order given within the parameters.

Set the type of action to be performed press on the set link to enter or select the action settings

The link action allows you to enter an Internet address to launch on pressing the button. You can also enter the values of the current tab to be able to directly pass parameters


You can associate a script to run on pressure. The script must be previously created within the options on the script section. The type must be button. As features of operation is identical to the scripts of type "tab action". Once the script is set, it can be edited directly by the script editor without having to re-link it to the button.

New sheet

Allows you to directly open a new tab in abse to the selected destination table.

The action allows you to perform a matching using the current fields of the board. Set the arrival field through the top list creates the string containing the text and the fields from which to retrieve the values.

Allows you to set a mathematical expression to be applied to a specific field. As for the matching select the arrival field and create the expression that will be calculated