Sub-Table Values (STAB)

Extrapolates data from an additional table (e.g.: extrapolate how many items have been sold within invoices in a range filtered by date).

Parent Table

It is the starting table.

Date field

The date type field to use in the filter.


The additional table of the document used for data extraction.

Subtable field

It is the Subtable field within the additional table used in the filter.

SQL filter

Any additional SQL string to filter the data being extracted.

Descriptive fields

These are the fields that describe the report (e.g. by referring to the example above, the descriptive fields for the articles are code and description).

Numeric Fields

They are all the numeric fields of the report (e.g. referring to the example above, the numeric fields for the items are usually the quantity and the total price of the item and the type of grouping is the sum): Field: indicates the additional table field. Grouping: indicates the type of grouping you want to do for that field.