Registry and Documents

Nios4 allows you to view the data contained in the tables through the tabs, which display the fields within the table, allowing us to create new data or modify previously saved data.

The cards also have various functions for manipulating this data, such as printing and duplication. They can also be displayed in two different styles to organize and speed up data entry and management.

The first style known as Registry is the simplest. The fields are displayed and organized by lines and divided into several pages.

The second style, called Document, is used when you need to manage an additional table already on the first screen. In this instance as well, the fields are displayed in rows and divided into several pages, but only from the second page onwards.

The first page is divided into five very specific areas. The upper part is where the fields that we consider the most important are displayed, in the central part there is a data grid, while in the lower part the fields are organized in three columns.

This display style is designed to have all the main information on the first page, but especially to help you retrieve information from multiple tables.

In our case, the table and the Orders section will be modified to become a document for the recovery of data from customers and items.

Enter the Options and double-click on the Orders row on the Table page.

The first item is Type and is set to None. Open the list and select Document.

When you click OK, the program will inform us that the orders_rows table does not exist and will ask if you want to create it. This table will be the one displayed in the central grid of the document and is mandatory for this type of display. In our example, this table will be used to insert the various items in our order.

Click Yes, then the Save button in the top right corner.

If you want to see the result, just try placing a new order to see the new style of the form.

In the next chapter we will start connecting the tables to each other to populate our order.