LUA Objects

To interact through the scripts with Nios4, programming objects with specific functions have been created. These objects may not be present on all scripts since they vary according to the operating scope of the latter. To see which ones can be used, always refer to the list in the editor.

It provides methods and functions to interface directly with Nios4.

The object manages the console of the script editor.

Represents a data form.

It is a compilation window to retrieve an input from the user.

It is a set of datarow objects that define a data table.

Represents a data field on the form.

Represents a row of data belonging to a datatable or tableview

Represents a data grid.

The object has all the main functions and methods for interacting directly with the currently open database.

The object contains several functions and general utility methods.

The object allows the creation and management of an XML file.

The object manages an XML element associated with an xmldocument.

The object manages an attribute type element associated with an xmlelement.

The class handles script return errors.

The object allows access to the characteristics of a file.

The object allows to generate the prints directly from the scripts.


Allows you to send a text mail through an smtp server


Allows you to create and manage program notifications