Complete communication API for Nios4 cloud

Thanks to the Cloud and its API libraries it is possible to directly connect your site or your e-commerce to the D-One's network.

Through the Web services, it is possible to read and write information that you're interested in, such as: updating the stock of articles, creating automatic purchase orders and so on.

By using the documentation, you can create, in complete autonomy, the call functions between your Cloud systems and the D-One's management software servers, thus reducing costs and management times. For example, you can create your own application with the tools that you prefer and you can use the D-One's Cloud system to create a highly-valued and efficient data interchange between your tools.

You can connect your e-commerce to D-One's management program through the Cloud APIs, personalizing and managing the data interchange.

The Cloud APIs can also manage the structure of the database and users by giving you a complete control over all of your information. Go to the documentation section to start interacting right now with D-One's Cloud!