Let's arrange the fields

Up to now, we’ve learned how to create the tables, fields and sections and we have also acquired the knowledge to link two tables through the special SubTable field.

At this point we can start to improve the graphics of our order.

To modify the data tabs, go to the Tables page in the Options section.

Select the Orders table and click the mobile scheme management button.

It is possible to create a scheme for the various formats managed by Nios4 and it is also possible to create multiple schemes for the same type of device, differentiating them according to the category of users. In this way, according to permissions, each user can have a completely different card than the others.

The Default scheme is the one that is used when no other one exists for the device currently used. Click Default to change it.

The program will show the order tab in editing mode. Our goal is to bring the Date and Customers fields to the first screen. Select the Detail page and click the pencil button inside the Date field. Once the menu is open, select the Panel item that will allow you to move the field between the various pages of the tab and then select the top Detail.

Repeat the same operation for the Customer field.

The program will automatically delete the Detail page because there are no more fields in it.

Now the form should look like this:

Save and close.

From now on, by placing a new order, you will have all the fields inside the first screen.

In the next chapter, we will start entering the calculations to give a value to our order.