Template Settings

If the user is the owner of the template seed, through a whitelabel or the reseller template reseller circuit will have active the template settings panel, currently present only in the Windows version. These settings allow you to customize the welcome window and the logo placed at the top left of the program. These customizations will be installed when creating the database. They are not synchronizable features, for the reason that even if you are the owner, there is no possibility to force the update of all the databases that have been created with this template. An update package must be sent to end-users in order to modify them.

To create the template to be used for whitelabels and the circuit of the template reseller you must export the database using the "create template" function.

DB Settings
The editable features are collected and not those of the current database.


Allows you to select whether to use the logo in the program or upload an external one from an image in png format.

Link Logo

If set ability the ability to press on the logo to open a web page.


The database seed. This feature cannot be changed. If you need a database with a new seed you need to request it directly from D-One.

Text color band DB

The color of the text in the database name pad at the top left

Color Background band DB

The color of the database name pad background in the top left


The welcome page is used to present your database. From here through the main buttons and thematic frameworks you can help the user to better understand how to use the features of the database and its main functions.


Sets whether the user opening the program will view or the welcome page. The user can then decide whether to continue viewing it or turn it off at the next reboot

Block Welcome lock

Removes the possibility for the user to deactivate the welcome page.

Background color

The background color that will have the main top pane.


Load the image to be displayed in the main pane.


The title that will be inserted in the main pane.

Colour Title

The color of the title text.


The text below the title.

Colour Description

The color of the description texts.

Button 1/ Button 2

The parameters are used to set the style and behavior of the two buttons in the main welcome box.

Button Text

The text inside the button.


The action that will execute the button, in case you choose "New tab" you will need to enter the name of the table inside the parameter box. In case you choose "Open link" in this case the parameter box will enter the address of the site to be reached.


The parameter to enter if the action requires it.

Colour Button

The background color of the button.

Text color Button

The color of the text inside the button.

Boxes 1/2/3/4/5

The parameters set the style and function of the lower thematic panes. To deactivate a picture, the title and description must both be empty.


The title of the box.


The description of the box.


The standard icon to be displayed inside the box. You can still upload an external image in jpg or png format.


The action that will execute the pane when it is pressed, in case you choose "New tab" you will have to enter the name of the table inside the parameter box. If you choose "Open link" in this case in the parameter box it will be added the link of thje website to reach.


The parameter to enter if the action requers it.